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What We Charge

The Old Orchard Dental Practice Bonnyrigg


The price of dental treatment varies depending upon the work that is involved and what is appropriate for you. We offer a range of treatment, and members of our dental plan are entitled to a 20% discount on the standard price of most treatments. This will be applied automatically.

Our plan starts from as little as £11.10 per month for our standard plan rate, which includes:

2 examinations per year
2 hygienist appointments per year
all x-rays that are required
insurance against dental trauma, hospitalisation due to dental trauma, and any permanent facial disfigurement
24 hours per day, 365 days per year worldwide priority dental emergency insurance
redundancy protection
a payment will be made to you if you are diagnosed with oral cancer
20% discount on most treatments
If you look after your teeth particularly well, we offer our Annual Care Plan for people in low risk groups. There is also a plan for people who need a bit more work to stop problems, called our Preventative Care Plan Plus.

To give you an idea of our prices, we have a selection below, however, please bear in mind that prices vary upon the treatment required and these may not be applicable to your situation.

Treatment Standard Price Plan Member
Adhesive biomimetic direct restoration from £75 from £60
Biomimetic indirect restoration from £379 from £300
Tooth whitening from £290 from £240
Root canal treatment from £150 from £120
Smile makeover from £2499 from £1999

Please note that we reserve the right to charge any patient who does not attend an appointment without giving us at least 24 hours notice. This is to cover the running costs of the practice. Patients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments will be removed from our list.

new technologies

Better materials for long term health

Metal free dentistry isn’t just about looking good. Modern dental materials make your tooth strong again, and bend and flex like teeth, meaning that you can keep your tooth for much longer.

  • Amalgam replacement
  • Cosmetic techniques
  • Dental implants

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